Employee benefits

Flexible work

With many varied roles across Origin, we understand not everyone can work 9 to 5. When you start with us, have a chat with your manager about what we can do to support your needs.


Career breaks of 3-12 months

You have the freedom to achieve personal goals without having to take leave or resign.


All roles flex

Whether you work in an office, in an operational role or in a remote location, our policy challenges both employees and managers to find the flexibility in any role and we give our people the tools to support this. 


Job sharing

Two employees can work together to share one full-time position.


Parental leave

We offer leading parental leave benefits plus a range of support tools for working parents. Our benefits extend to surrogacy and permanent fostering, and include 20 weeks paid leave for primary and secondary carers, part time return to work options and no continuous service qualifying period.


Purchase extra leave

You can purchase up to four weeks extra leave each year.


Part-time work

If agreed with your manager, you can work less than a standard week.

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Meet... Alexandra Robertson

Managing 435 kilometres of natural gas pipelines takes some serious dedication and expertise.

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It’s really important that our teams and their families are supported. 

Care and assurance plan

If you're no longer able to work due to serious illness or injury, our care and assurance plan may help keep you covered.

Employee assistance program

You and your immediate family all have access to free, professional and confidential counselling - as well as a range of other services - as part of our employee assistance program.


Our online Eldercare Information Kit provides a range of useful resources to help if you’re caring for an older person.

Working parents program

This includes Working Parents Toolkit, Parental Leave Discussion Checklist, Care for Kids and Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation.

Job search

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Financial benefits

As well as your remuneration package, we offer financial rewards based on your role and your contribution. For being part of the Origin team, we offer our employees a great deal on electricity and natural gas.


Remuneration and incentive payments

Your package will consist of fixed remuneration, and in some cases variable remuneration where incentive payments may depend on company and individual targets being achieved.


Employee share plan

If we meet our annual company safety goals, eligible employees could receive up to $1,000 worth of fully paid ordinary shares in Origin Energy Ltd.


Employee referral program

You may be eligible for payment if you refer someone to Origin and that person is successful in gaining a position. We'll also match this with a donation to your chosen Origin Foundation partner.


Salary sacrifice

You can choose to sacrifice some of your pre-tax salary towards additional personal superannuation contributions or additional Origin employee death/disablement insurance cover for yourself or your partner.

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