Powerful savings, long-term

By working with us, we're better able to plan ahead to get the energy you need and keep your business running.

Flexible Purchasing Product (FPP)

FPP is an option for businesses to purchase energy in portions or tranches. We're a leading supplier of FPP arrangements, closing our first FPP in 2005, and contracting more than 13 TWh since.

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Flexible pricing

We offer flexible pricing structures over a longer contract term. Chat to us about our smoothed pricing or blend-and-extend pricing.

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Demand management

We can work with you to identify assets within your business where there’s some flexibility in the energy used. Using demand-side management technology, we can shift loads from expensive periods to cheaper periods – all within parameters that you set.

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Renewable Power Purchase Agreements

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are long-term arrangements to supply electricity for periods over 10 years. As an Origin customer, you have the unique opportunity to access our renewable portfolio, firmed by our gas-fired generation power plants.

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Monthly market report

Understand the factors that can influence the price you pay for your electricity and gas.

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Are you an Urth Energy customer allocated to Origin as a Retailer Of Last Resort (ROLR)?

Download Terms and Conditions for large ROLR customers in NSW, VIC, SA, ACT and QLD