High bill checklist

If your energy bill looks high, it could be with good reason. Use our checklist to see what might have pushed your bill up.


What’s the weather been like?

Weather can really impact your energy use. Air conditioning pushes up your energy use in summer, and using your lights, clothes dryer and heater more does the same in the short, cold days of winter.

A great way to see if your energy use has changed dramatically is to compare your energy use (in kWh or MJ) with the same time last year.

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Have you had extra people in the house?

The more people under your roof, the more energy you’re likely to use. That’s why you often see a spike in your energy costs when you have people to stay.


Did you plug in any new appliances?

Some home appliances use a surprising amount of energy. Turn an appliance off at the wall and you could reduce its energy use by almost 10%.

Try to buy appliances with high-energy efficiency star ratings. You’ll find the rating printed on the back or bottom of most appliances.

Find out more at energyrating.gov.au


Do we have your concession details?

If you have an eligible concession card, make sure we have your card details. If we do, you should see a concession amount on your bill. You can add or edit your concession card details through My Account or call us on 13 24 61.

South Australian residents - you can to register your details with the Department of Human Services (DHS).

Western Australia residents - concessions are only available for electricity in WA and we sell gas. Please contact your electricity provider.

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Was it a longer billing period?

Some billing periods are longer than others. If you see a small variation in your bill, the billing period may have been longer than the last one. Just double check the dates of this billing period against your previous bill.

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Is there money outstanding from a previous bill?

If your don't pay a bill in full, the remaining amount goes onto the next bill. You could see an extra charge on your bill, based on money owing from a previous bill.

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Did your energy prices go up?

Prices increase from time to time. When they do, we always let you know with a message on your first bill after the change. Double-check your current bill to see if prices have recently increased.

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We had to estimate your meter reading

If we can’t get to your meter, we have to estimate your energy use. This estimate could be based on your use this time last year or on your previous billing period.

When we estimate your usage, you’ll see an ‘E’ (for ‘estimated’ usage) on the back of your bill. We’ll try to get an actual meter reading for your next bill and make any necessary adjustments.


Did your energy plan benefits finish?

Your plan, and any discounts it comes with, may have ended. If it has, then it's time to choose another one. You can find a plan to suit your needs.

You can see which energy plan you’re on by logging onto My Account or looking at the front page of your bill.

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Struggling to pay your bill? 

We know that it can be difficult when bills are higher than expected. If you need some help managing your energy bills talk to us about your options.

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Want some energy saving ideas for around the home?

For ideas on how to reduce your energy use, check out our energy efficiency page.

Energy efficiency tips