Electricity and natural gas pricing: explained

We're working hard to keep your energy as affordable as possible.

We keep our retail offers competitive so we can deliver great value for our customers. We also invest in new supply in Australia’s wholesale market to help lower prices overall. 

Because that's good energy.

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Understanding the price you pay

We know your bills can seem a bit complicated. There’s a lot on them. But there are 3 factors key to the bottom line.

Includes the costs associated with delivering your energy across powerlines and pipelines. These charges are paid to network companies and regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator.

Fixed costs also include retail costs like the systems and people responsible for billing and customer service.

This is the actual energy you use at your home or business.

Your tariff

Like most retailers, we offer two different kinds of tariffs:

  • a flat rate tariff (commonly known as a peak-only tariff), which charges you the same amount all day every day for each kilowatt per hour (kWh), OR
  • a flexible, time-of-use tariff, where your kWh charge will be different at different times - peak times, off-peak, shoulder, etc. 

The back of your bill displays the particular tariff you're currently on. 

Your distributor

Your tariff options for both electricity and natural gas depend on who your energy distributor is, and that's determined by where you live.

To find your distributor, go to our Pricing page. Enter your address and we'll direct you to the appropriate pricing document for each of our plans.

Residents of ACT, NSW, SA and QLD
When you enter your address you'll be shown links alongside each of our plans. These will take you to the Australian Government's Energy Made Easy site, where you can view the Basic Plan Information Document for the plan you've chosen, and compare it with other retailers' plans.

Residents of VIC and WA
Enter your address to view and download Energy Fact Sheets for each of our plans.

In some cases, you can change your tariff - call us on 13 24 61 to discuss.

Your consumption

Our energy bills provide a breakdown of:

  • how much energy you've consumed over the billing period
  • what you consumed at the same time last year
  • how your household compares with others in your neighbourhood.

See How to read my bill for a detailed explanation. Our Energy efficiency tips can help you reduce the amount of energy you use.

Why do we have different energy plans? Because we know what suits you won't suit everyone. For example, you might be partial to Origin Maximiser, with a large headline discount where you pay via direct debit. Or you might choose Origin Saver, where you'll have more payment options and a pay-on-time discount. We have other plans, too, for all our customers' needs.

Other price variables

Additional charges could apply to you, depending on your contract type and the state in which you live. These can include credit card payment fees, late payment fees and disconnection and reconnection fees. Discover the additional charges that could apply to you.

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If your solar panels generate more energy than you use and this energy is sent back to the power grid, you may be eligible for a credit on your energy bill. This is called a feed-in tariff. Tariff rates depend on your state and may be funded by your state government, your energy retailer, or a mix of both.

More information on solar feed-in-tariffs

If you’re a concession cardholder, you may be eligible for a state government rebate and/or a concession on your electricity and natural gas bills.

Available concessions and rebates

Pricing FAQs

You can find your natural gas or electricity rates on the back of your bill. If you want to know more about it, please call us on 13 24 61.

Benefits like discounts last for the term of your energy plan (usually 12 months but sometimes 24 months). You can change or renew your plan at any time.

See our terms and conditions for more on your energy agreement. If you have a business account see our business energy fact sheets.