Origin LPG plans

Why choose Origin LPG?


Competitive prices

As one of Australia’s leading LPG suppliers we're committed to offering competitive prices.


Reliable delivery

With a national network we’ve got a team that understands your local area and can deliver straight to your door.


Dedicated support

We're available when you need us – and even have a 24-hour phone service for out-of-gas emergencies.


Green LPG

You can offset the carbon emissions from your LPG use with our Green LPG option. It's an easy way to reduce your impact on the environment. 

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What you need to know

Depending on your circumstances and the kind of service you need, there could be fees and charges that apply to your LPG account.

Learn more about our standard fees and charges

All our featured plans are for residential LPG supply, but if you're after LPG for your business, you can request a quote.

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